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Q1    What computer do I need?

Q2     What software do I need?

A1    What computer do I need? If it runs Java/JavaFX and has a USB port, eco-wand software should run on it. This includes computers with any Windows versions from Win98 onwards, Mac OSX and Linux.    

Currently  Windows versions up to Win7 are the only ones tested.  Contact us for release dates on the other versions.

 A2    What software do I need? The software comes free with the hardware and is downloaded over the Internet.  On installation, the system looks to see if the additional software it needs is already on your computer.  If it isn’t, you will be prompted to allow it to be installed.  The software to be loaded is the device USB driver (supplied in the eco-wand installation files) and a relatively up-to-date version of Java (Java 7.21 or later).