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ComfoMeter History

Kyle Electronic Design Ltd was formed to design specialist measurement and display system in the days before they were generally available. Produced systems for companies such as British Energy (Hunterston A, Bradwell, Chapelcross and Winfrith A nuclear power stations), Scottish Power, British Steel and Rolls Royce and Associates etc.

Developed the VInstrumentation range of products for laboratory use replacing Oscilloscopes, Chart Recorders, Signal Generators, Thermocouple Measurement Systems, Data Loggers, Control Teaching Systems etc with measurement pods and the Virtual Instrument Presentation Software (VIPS) system. See for further information.

Currently concentrating on the design of the eco-wand ComfoMeter* and ThermoMeter range of products

The ComfoMeter model is the first to be released.

* The name ComfoMeter has been derived from Comfort Meter. In technical terms, it is a Thermo/hygrometer - but ComfoMeter sounds better and rhymes with Thermometer.