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ComfoMeter - measure the temperature and humidity of the air around you and sends this information to your computer through a USB port. It looks like and is the size of a small memory stick.

ComfoMeter is a shortening of Comfort Meter and rhymes with Thermometer

eco-wand Hardware

Temperature: measures from 0 to 50°C with 0.1°C resolution. Fahrenheit display selectable.

Humidity: measures from 5 to 95% Relative Humidity with 0.1% resolution.

Plugs into a standard USB socket or (preferably) connects via a standard USB extension lead.

Positioning your eco-wand - the USB port on your computer or hub may not be the best place to measure the comfort at your workstation.  To re-locate the wand, you need a USB Extension cable.  We can supply 2 types, either a straight cable or a USB Docking Ball which holds the wand up vertically as pictured.

Other Models


ThermoMeter + T



1 Internal, 2 External

1 Internal, 3 External

1 Internal



Price ex VAT




External channels each require an additional thermistor probe. This is supplied with a 1 metre cable.

What computers the eco-wand will work on - If your computer runs Java 7 and has USB ports, eco-wand software will  run on it. This includes computers with any Windows versions from WinXP onwards, Linux, Mac OSX. So far, it has only been tested on Windows machines (not Win 8 yet).

Software - as well as acting as an intelligent Comfort Meter, the software can act as an Alarm system, chart recorder and data logger etc. Click the buttons to see the manual and slide-show pdfs What a difference a degree makes